Saddle Right Orthopedic Half Pad

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We are please and excited to be carrying this amazing product. Tired of the expense of reflocking your saddle every time your horse’s wither, shoulder or back changes? Pad virtually contours to your horse’s back to provide a custom fit each ride beneath saddle to encourage your horse to move more freely and develop proper muscle where needed.

All pads are not created equal! Some pads just mask the problems, and increase poor conformation issues without offering any real protection to your horse.

Saddle Right Pads offer protection, comfort, and the opportunity for the muscular system to rebound and rebuild. Our pad can also encourage reversal of muscle atrophy and allow for optimal performance and comfort each time you ride.

*Custom Colors Available by Special Order!

Brown Suede for 17” Saddle - $395

About Saddle Right

Saddle Right Pads were the result of the years of trials, research, and perseverance of Dr. Mike Freeman, Doctor of Chiropractic and Kinesiologist. He traveled the country working on horses that presented with sore backs, nerve damage and muscle atrophy. His observations and research showed that any saddle, applied to a horses back, began the process of muscle shutdown. When paired with pads that didn’t supply foundation, dissipation of pressure and heat, the problem became worse. After years of researching materials, the pad as it still is today, was born. Dr. Freeman did the research and testing with the the assistance of two veterinarians, and final testing by Texas A&M University. The pad and it’s unique core material exceeded all expectations. Twenty-four test pads were released for purchase in 1979 to the public, with some of the test pads recipients being Dolli and Darryl Lautaret and Jeff and Bonnie LeMaire. Their daughters, Betsy LeMaire Nunn and our Performance team member, Jolee Lataret Jordan, still compete on our pads today! The World Famous Horseman, Al Dunning, was also aboard our pads for many years. By 1984, the pads were in full swing with great reviews.

The unique core material in our pad, encourages the back muscles to regenerate, rebuild, and repair. It also encourages the nerves and lymphatic system to work properly. Our pad allows the freedom needed for equine athletes to reach better, feel better, and ultimately to perform better. The pad begins working as soon as it is applied to the back. This was the origination of the first and only TRUE orthopedic saddle pad available.

The pad’s design has remained the same since it’s release in 1984. We use 1/8 inch of F7 wool felt on the underside of the pad, and genuine suede on the top. Our Western pads are a thinner pad than most on the market, being 1/2 inch throughout the body plus an 1/8 inch core along the bar area. This offer 300 lbs of support, in a 5/8 inch thick pad. Our “Legacy” upgrade is 1/2 inch body, with an additional 1/4 inch of core along the bar area. The protection in this ¾ inch pad is 600 lbs. The Deluxe pads have smooth grain wear leathers. Our English pads are made of high quality glove leather. We offer black or brown in glove leather, 20 suede colors, and 5 wear leather colors. We also make racing and exercise pads!